Home Care Companion | GOOD OR EVIL OF WEIGHT LOSS:
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Now some of the things the health gurus are advising people to do are to put it simply a bunch of nonsense. All of this is based on some old outdated studies done ages ago and even at that time these studies were inconclusive, some of the things people being advised to do is not only useless, but in some cases harmful and it challenges the common sense.

Let’s take eggs for example; eggs are not bad for you they are loaded with nutrients, high in protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Yes the egg yolk is high in cholesterol, but many recent studies have shown absolutely no connection between eggs and heart disease, recent studies show the cholesterol in the egg yolk does not raise the levels of cholesterol in the human body. And eating eggs is one of the best things you can do for your weight loss.

Now lots of emphasis has been put on calorie counting, one of the biggest nonsense health and weight loss gurus have come up with. Now there was a time we did not even knew that calories existed, but humans were healthy and slim, and the argument can be that humans use to eat different foods, fresh unadulterated, healthy foods in those days, not the processed junk we eat nowadays. Well then use your common sense don’t eat that processed junk food ,by looking at boxes and cans and stuff and comparing calories is just simply ridiculous, drinking pop zero verses regular pop, come on now it’s the same crap,its not going to help you lose weight ,losing weight is a life time struggle for most people ,now you plan to count calories for the rest of your life ,every time you going to take a bite of something  you have to count the calories first ,nobody can do that as a lifelong process. You will lose weight by having the strong desire to lose weight; making a commitment and making the right common sense choices in your food .You really want to lose weight then trust your judgment and your common sense in picking and eating the right foods in the right amount.

Now believe it or not the biggest culprit or evil food in your fight against weight gain is WHEAT. Now in the old days people use to eat wheat and they were healthy and slim, but that was the good old wheat, it all changed 50, 60 years ago when scientist genetically modified the wheat (GMO ),to feed the masses, that’s the wheat we eat nowadays ,in its evil form, unhealthy, raises your blood sugar, put you at higher risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and man does it ever makes you gain weight, go ahead would like to lose those ugly unhealthy pounds at least do your best and avoid it as much as you can.Google bad effects of wheat and you will be surprised. Now if you are struggling to lose weight you will not win the battle if you don’t avoid wheat. But even if you have the strong will power to do so how to avoid it, in North America its everywhere, different types of bread, tortillas, pasta etc. Cutting  it out of your life completely will be very hard if not impossible for most people, the bread, the sandwiches, the burger, all the baked products its everywhere .Well that’s a hard one, all I can say is if you love yourself and you would like to lose those ugly unhealthy pounds  then at least do your best and avoid it as much as you can.