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12 Aug SOS – Over weight: NO MORE – Then tell us how you did it, what really worked for you .

A few days ago I  wrote couple or articles on the over weight problem, at my website  homecarecompanion.ca  in the home care advice page , basically i explained how i managed to took the pounds off  in my own way and i also showed my formula to few people close to me and they were also able to take the pounds off and kept it off permanently,and i was going to do another blog about it  to explain a few more things ,but then i thought about it and realized what worked for me and few other very motivated people with a strong desire to lose weight  not necessarily will work for majority of the people out there with less desire and low motivation levels. Most of the people want some thing fast working and easy in which they don’t have to put too much effort in .so i thought i compile a list of few thing which really worked for some people in taking those pounds off and keeping them off , weather they be weight loss programs, or pills, or diets, as long as they have shown some success for some people .but there is so much out there and every one claims to have the answer for weight loss,basically all they want is your hard earned money ,with very little interest weather their program or pill really help people or not. so i ask you, if you have used something which have really worked for you, and you have managed to kept it off ,please tell us how you did it, , share it with every body. lets help a few people out there to rid of this life destroying problem.  You can share it with us on the face book page of  homecarecompanion.ca . We really appreciate your feed back.